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HS 002 – 4 Easy Methods to Uncover Profitable Services

Episode #2 of the Handyman Startup Podcast comin’ at ya!

In this episode, I give away some of my best secrets for determining which services to offer.  I walk you through 4 methods that I personally use to find profitable, in-demand, high dollar services to gain new customers.  Whether you are brand new or have been in business for a while, what I have to share with you will not disappoint!

Here’s What to Expect in this Podcast:

  • How to use your competitions websites against them.
  • How to uncover profitable services through HomeAdvisor.
  • How to find new services by researching on Angie’s List.
  • My #1 method for finding in-demand services to offer.

Resources Mentioned:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

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  • Fred April 8, 2013

    Good tips. I am too busy to implement them now but will have to when u slow down. first warm days of spring and everyone i gaveo over last month wan estimates wants their work done new. Not going to happen…..

    • Big D April 8, 2013

      Sounds like a good problem to have, Fred!

      • Howard Danielson April 13, 2013

        Big D Wanted t drop you a line things are out of controll here we are so buisy that my wife had to quit her job and go to work for me. Thank god she is just as good as myself we are at $7000.00 this month already between jobs excepted and completed and are looking at a painting job that could be worth $10,000.00 if we get it. Aot of deck replacement and repairs.Hope things are going well for you

        • Big D April 13, 2013

          Hey Howard,

          That’s great, man! I’m glad to hear you are killing it right now. I hope you are enjoying yourself doing it. Thanks for droppin a line and keep in touch.

          Big D

  • Glen Betts April 28, 2013

    Great idea to use Angie’s list and Home Advisor to find specific tasks to target on to not get lost in the main stream of just handyman services.