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Can This Simple Pricing Strategy Really Make You An Extra $15,200 in PROFIT Each Year?

My palms were sweating, and I was probably fumbling my words.

It’s hard to recall exactly how I sounded, but I vividly remember the fear I felt as I told my customer my new rates.

Was I asking too much? Would he laugh in my face? Would he be offended?

I knew other handymen in my city charged less than me already, much less in fact. And here I was asking for even more? My logical side was telling me that nobody would pay that much.

I knew I wouldn’t at least.

But, If I was going to write a pricing guide for handymen, I was going to have to get uncomfortable. I needed to actually test the strategies I learned and developed for the guide to be worth reading.

And that’s exactly what I was doing – testing a new pricing strategy. And I was doing it with a loyal customer who had been hiring me for over two years.

I knew this could be a game changer for my business. It would either make me much more profitable or it would be the end of this long and lucrative relationship with a great customer.

The stakes were high, but I’d never know if I didn’t take the gamble. So I mustered up some courage and told him my new pricing structure.

And after all of that stress, he just said…

“…Sure, that sounds reasonable.”

I had overthought the whole situation! (And left a lot of money on the table in the past.) So, I got to keep the customer and make a little extra cash on that job.

Once I had success with this first customer, I implemented the same strategy across the board with every new customer that contacted me.

Instantly, my business became more profitable. It was like giving myself a $15,000 per year raise on the spot, and it wasn’t going to require any more labor or effort from me.

It’s like there was a stack of hundred dollar bills on the table the whole time I was in business, and all I had to do was pick it up!

And in this FREE report, I want to share this simple strategy with you. Maybe it’s something you’re already implementing, but based on my research, that’s unlikely. Most handymen aren’t.

Handyman Pricing Secrets
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