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HS 022 – How to Jumpstart Your Handyman Business – Interview With Brand New Handyman Justin Terrill

Are you still on the fence with whether or not a handyman business can actually work?  Or, are you hesitant to get started?  If so, you’re going to get inspired by this episode where I share a great interview with brand new Australian handyman business owner, Justin Terrill.

This is the first time I’ve had a handyman on the show who is just getting started, and it turned out amazing.

Justin started his handyman business only a couple of months ago and is already booked out two weeks in advance while charging a premium for his services.  He was previously a teacher, when he realized that he enjoyed working with his hands much more.  So, he put his skills that he learned from working on a farm to good use and got started with his handyman business in Sydney, Australia.

I got in touch with Justin when he contacted me to thank me for helping him get started.  As a member of the Handyman Web Academy and a reader of this blog, he took action on the knowledge that he learned and has had amazing results.

It was inspiring to talk with Justin, and even though he’s just getting started, I learned a lot from him.  Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for a while, Justin’s got some great insights to share.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • The marketing methods Justin used to jumpstart his business.
  • Why customers aren’t just looking for the highest skilled handyman and what they want instead.
  • How a handyman business is surprisingly profitable.
  • Challenges of going from employee to business owner.
  • Talking money with customers and tips for getting more comfortable.
  • The importance of choosing your clients.
  • Simple and effective tips for getting more referrals.
  • The importance of a professional image.

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  • Joe November 11, 2014

    Brilliant podcast guys! I really enjoyed to listening to it. When I started my Handyman business here in Ireland about a year ago using Dan’s blog alone, handymanstartup gave me a great boost back then. now I’m moving to Australia and as intending to continue my business there this podcast just very encouraging to me so thanks again for all the valuable information and the very best of luck to you both. Joe

    • Dan Perry November 13, 2014

      Your welcome, Joe! Good luck in Australia.

  • John November 11, 2014

    Great podcast again! Filled with excellent ideas.
    Thank you.

  • Allo Serrurerie Cergy November 12, 2014

    Thank you for this interview. This is full of tips, for people so they can embark on their own business.

  • Justin Terrill November 12, 2014

    Hi Joe,
    Glad you enjoyed the podcast and hope you enjoy Australia. I forgot to mention why we have a shortage of certain tradespeople in my area around Manly etc. Simply because it is extremely expensive and many cannot afford to buy a place or rent. Check for yourself at http://www.realestate.com.au
    A basic house starts at $1,700,000, a small one bedroom flat with no parking at $600,000 Renting is very expensive also. Sydney was recently voted as one of the most expensive cities to live even more than New York.

    Luckily we have a family connection which helps our accomodation costs.
    .Fortunately most of Australia does not have real estate prices like North Sydney so you should be fine. Justin.

    • Brian Phelan May 12, 2017

      Brilliant work Justin! Manly Beach: A perfect example of how a simple name can completely mislead a potential client and even prevent them from finding you altogether.

      Having spent a bit of time there myself, I can compare it to the analogy of finally meeting a woman whom you’ve spoken to on the phone, but her actual appearance failed to live up to the beautiful image your mind imagined she would be, based on your attraction to her voice… but in the case of Manly Beach, its the other way around. While on the train, after being told my cousins we were headed, I was not at all interested in visiting any beach with a name referencing men or manliness or hom….. but we had arrived, and to my relief, I had misjuged this book by its cover! And missed it by a long shot too, because all I saw was beautiful white sand, aqua colored, clear warm water, and beautiful tanned aussie girls in bikinis, with many of them lacking tanlines above their waists! Yup, I was 17 at the time and it was my first experience of a topless/nude beach, and what an incredible experience it was. Manly Beach was far from manly, if you don’t count the dozens of husbands loitering about with their tongues hanging out their mouths, and their wives having little tollerance for their perversions. Good times. And great podcast Justin!

  • Eric K. November 28, 2014

    Thanks, Dan & Justin
    What great advice. I always pick up good tips every time I listen to your podcasts. I wonder if there’s anything I could do to improve my own website. I’ve noticed that I’ve had some visiters straight from this website. I was hoping they could offer a critique.

  • Freddy Diaz January 23, 2015

    What’s up Big D..

    I gotta say, this was a great podcast and almost surreal that a fella from halfway around the world has benefited greatly from your work in this space. I just love how the world shrinks around us and it never ceases to amaze me how there are many many people just like us out there.. same likes, tastes, passion as you and I and all we need to do to connect with them is express ourselves and they will find us! With regards to the meat and potatoes of this podcast, agree 110%! As a handyman business owner myself my very best source is referrals, I do a fair bit of lead purchasing which is why I’m developing my own blog this year and am so looking forward to the adventure of it all. My Focus this year, leverage! In this business I feel one cannot afford to wait too long to leverage yourself before the body breaks down. Would love to chat with you some time and mastermind.. I get a sense you’ve been on the same leverage quest as well..Cheers and great work!

    • Dan Perry January 26, 2015

      Thanks for the kind words, Freddy!

  • Jack Saullo September 21, 2016

    Out of the gate, I am not a handyman. I’m just now opening my pest control business in St. Augustine, Florida. That said, we all face identical challenges. Your website is amazing, this cast was amazing, and you inspire me like you wouldn’t believe. Thank you!

  • Paul Stone May 2, 2017

    A quick note of thanks for putting in the time to make those of us who are on the fence a bit more confident in moving forward with a handyman business. Just listened to the podcast with Justin and he answered most of the questions I had thinking there was little resource to articulate the perceived obstacles to starting my business. I am currently an employee with General Electric and you/Justin struck a chord with me about not being able to really effect change within my current job environment. I need something tangible, a beginning and an end, and something to be proud of at the end of the day. As a father of 3 kids, I’d also like this to be a learning experience for them. I grew up with a large extended family of tradesmen and it is amazing that after 25+ years in corporate America, I find myself reaching back towards my roots. Thank you for inspiring me.

  • Brian Phelan May 12, 2017

    Great info here. I think the single most valuable point addressed in this episode, and.all of the points addressed here offer valueable insight, but to single out one from the rest, I would have to say its all about referrals. Inspite of doing the highest quality work, or having the lowest prices, licensed or not, and everything inbetween… the value of a good referral will increase demand for your services. A single bad referral can spread like wildfire and put you out of business overnight. In every business that is offering a product or service to the consumer or otherwise, customer satisfaction needs to be the first objective. Being profitable is a high priority indeed, but dissatisfied clients will kill your bottom line.

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