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Interview With Successful Painting Contractor Nick May

Hire artists for contracting?

That’s what Nick May, founder of Walls By Design, did.

He’s a successful interior painting contractor with over 14 years of experience and get this, he only hires artists!  Surprised?  Be sure to listen to this episode to find out why.

Here are some other topics we cover in this interview:

  • Why targeting high end customers actually brings in a wide variety of customers and gets your phone to ring.
  • A unique way that Nick builds relationships with industry partners in order to get into those million dollar homes.
  • How hiring employees makes you better at what you do.
  • How to hire your first employee (more specifically, how I should hire my first employee.)  Where to look, who to hire, and when.

While Nick isn’t a handyman, his knowledge and ideas can be applied to any home service business.  He has a ton of great marketing info to share and you can hear is passion while he talks about how to get more customers.  Here is my favorite quote from the interview:

“Almost all marketing methods will work for somebody.  You’ve got to find what works for you.”

Wise words for sure.

Other important notes from the podcast:

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Thanks for listening!

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  • LaToya Glenn December 19, 2013

    Another great podcast from the man Big D 🙂

    *One point that stuck out for me was how difficult it can be trying to do everything as a small business owner. Definitely going to mull around the idea of hiring another handyman and possibly a cleaning person.

    Going to start connecting with some semi retired folks and see what happens.

    • Dan Perry December 19, 2013

      Thanks LayToya. I do what I can.

      I’m totally with you on the not being able to do everything. It’s really got me thinking about who I can hire on to help me.

  • Big Ron January 2, 2014

    Hey D another awesome interview, trying to balance a buisness and wearing all the hats is very frustrating for me. I am still getting off the ground in my new buisness , so hiring someone is out of the question for now. I have decided to turn away jobs that are not profitable for me or jobs that, I just dont like to do. This should free up some time.

    • Dan Perry January 2, 2014

      That’s a great way to stay profitable and enjoy your business, too.

  • David Chu February 5, 2014

    Wow. This was a really good podcast. Thanks a lot for putting this together Dan.

    • Dan Perry February 5, 2014

      Thanks David! Appreciate you listening and commenting.