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HS 005 – Blogging For Business (How to Turn Your Knowledge Into Leads)

It’s no secret that internet marketing is where it’s at these days whether you are selling a product online or trying to generate new leads for your handyman business.  Other marketing methods such as direct mail and flyers are also effective, but they cost more and are (in my opinion) more difficult to execute properly.

In this episode of the Handyman Startup podcast, I share my most powerful online marketing strategy for my handyman business – blogging for business.

The blog posts I have created for my handyman business website have driven customers my way starting as early as my third month in business.  Not only  that, but blog posts I wrote over a year ago are still bringing me high quality customers every week.  The beautiful thing is that each blog post I write only takes a couple of hours maximum.  Talk about ROI!

These blog posts have allowed me to turn off all other forms of advertising and still have more than enough business to keep me satisfied.

Here is a brief outline of what you can expect in this podcast:

  • How to get leads from writing blog posts on your handyman business website.
  • How blogging builds trust and makes selling your services even easier.
  • Why you should start blogging right away.
  • My personal blogging strategy and process for creating blog posts.
  • Recommendations on what to do and what NOT to do when blogging.

Resources mentioned in the Podcast

How to build a website

Recommended Website and Blogging Platform:  WordPress


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