Learn How To Start Or Grow A Handyman Business

How To Learn Any Skill And Get Paid To Do It

As a home service professional, developing new skills to keep up with the competition is necessary.  For handymen, learning new skills is basically our job description.

Not only is learning new skills important, but learning how to learn new skills efficiently is getting ever more important.  We are now in what is commonly known as the information age.  That means it is easier than ever to get starting with your business, but it also means that more people have access to quality information.  That means more competition.

This tells me that in order to get ahead and pull away from the pack, developing a system for learning rapidly could mean the difference between success and failure.

In this podcast, I discuss:

  • 4 methods for developing your home repair skills.
  • How I gained my handyman experience and skill set.
  • My method for developing new skills (while getting paid).
  • 3 Tips to accelerate your learning process.

This podcast was designed to help you develop your home repair skills, but the methods described are applicable to any skill.


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