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Handyman Business Cards Made Easy

Business cards are a key ingredient to successfully marketing your handyman business.

It’s a good idea to have a basic business card made as soon as you start providing any type of service.  Even if you don’t have a logo designed yet, you should have a card that has your name, phone number, profession, and e-mail address at a minimum.

I guarantee that if your customers are happy with the service they receive, they will ask for a business card.  If you don’t have one, you look far less professional.

I remember the first couple of jobs I did and I didn’t have my business cards yet.  At both jobs my customers were super happy with the quality of work and service so they asked for a business card.  When I told them I had nothing to give them, they were certainly disappointed.  I could tell I lost some respect immediately by the looks on their faces.  Lesson learned.  Now I keep at least 5 in my wallet and a stack of 50 in my truck at all times.

In this article I’ll show you how you can get quality custom business cards for your handyman business with ease.  I’m going to describe two options here. The first is a high quality option that I use myself.  The second is much less expensive option if you are on a budget.

I recommend choosing a quality card stock to help establish yourself as a quality handyman, but I understand if budget doesn’t allow.  If you are just looking for a temporary card to get you by until you name your business, get a logo designed, etc., the less expensive option works just fine.

Moo Business Cards

Purchasing quality business cards doesn’t get any easier than on moo.com.  This is the company that I used for my handyman business cards and I’m very happy with the result.  They are a little more expensive than their online competition, but you get what you pay for!

The site is easy to use and you can choose from thousands of quality predesigned templates or upload a design of your own.  They only sell high quality card stock and the print quality is as good as it gets.

Click Here to check them out.

(Please note that this is an affiliate link. Meaning that if you purchase, I get a small commissions. I only recommend products I’ve used and love. Thanks for clicking!)

Unique Business Stationary



  • Excellent predesigned templates.  If you don’t want to pay for somebody to design you a custom card, check these out.  There are some really good cards designed for handyman specifically (search in the skilled trade field).  This is also a great option if you don’t have a logo designed yet and need some temporary cards to get you by.  Simply fill in your business information and the website automatically applies the information for you to see.
  • You can upload custom designs.  If you have a logo designed, it should be shown on your business cards.  Have whoever designed your logo put together a business card design as well.  If you’ve got the cash, go to www.99designs.com to have a business card designed.
  • High quality card stock as standard.  This is a really nice smooth and robust card.  My buddy got these for his business which is what turned me on to moo.  It’s far better than that thin paper some business cards are made from.
  • Recycled stock available.  This is Moo’s attempt at being green.  Good try, but when they send the cards in packaging that uses more trees than the cards themselves, it doesn’t really feel like they’re actually a green option.  Better than nothing I suppose.  I chose this stock because I wanted to be able to tell my customers my cards are 100% recycled.  Not quite as smooth and shiny as the regular stock, but still very good quality.
  • Rounded corner option available.  It’s surprising how such a subtle feature can draw a couple oohs and ahhs.  Just another way to be a little different.
  • Minicards Available.  If you really want to be different, check out the mini cards.  I’m not personally a fan of these for a handyman business, but they have their purposes.
  • Reordering is a breeze.  Once you have an account you just log in and press order.


  • A little pricey.  These are high end cards and you get what you pay for.
  • Limited predesigned options.  There aren’t as many options as some of the competition for the handyman niche, but the options they do have are very good.


Vista Print is a great way to get some business cards and save some money.  You can get 250 handyman business cards for only $10 plus shipping!  That’s an incredible deal.  This is for a one sided printing on a thin card stock.  They do have upgrades available for better card stock which would be a worthwhile upgrade.

VistaPrint has thousands of pre-designed templates to choose from and the user interface for customizing your cards is very easy to use.  You can also upload your own business card design if you have one. 

Vista Prit does have several negative reviews online concerning their quality.  Despite some negative reviews, if money was tight and I needed some business cards fast, I would go here in a heartbeat.  The business wouldn’t be thriving if they didn’t provide value to their customers.


  • Extreme Value.  I really don’t think you can get business cards for less money anywhere else.  (Ok, maybe China.)
  • Tons of predesigned templates.  There aren’t the best designs on the market, but with all the options you’re bound to find something that works out.
  • Recycled stock available.
  • Easy to use.


  • Some bad reviews concerning quality.  Based on some reviews, quality isn’t their primary focus.  But you can’t beat their value.
  • They try up-selling you on a million products.  Not a huge deal.  Just say no if you don’t want anything else.

However you decide to get business cards made, make sure you do get some.  They’re a low cost way of showing that you mean business and aren’t just a weekend handyman. 

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