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HS004 – How To Target the Best Customers For Your Handyman Business

Trying to sell a product or service to EVERYBODY is the opposite of a good idea. However, way to many small businesses try to do so and end up wondering why nobody is buying what they sell.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, it’s actually much more effective to target a very specific group to market your services to. This allows your marketing pitch to be more specific to that particular customer group and resonate with them on a higher level. The more your marketing relates directly to their beliefs, pains, or desires, the more likely they are to buy your stuff.  Period.

Since there is a wide range of beliefs, desires, and problems with different customers, it’s almost impossible to create a marketing campaign that relates to all of them at the same time – at least not on a level that convinces them to buy.  That’s why trying to market to everybody just doesn’t work.

As a handyman business owner, it’s just as important to target a specific customer base as with any other business.

Here’e what to expect in this podcast:

  • A step by step method you can implement to reach your best customers.
  • The importance of targeting the right customers.
  • How you can eliminate time wasting customers by simply filtering them with your marketing content.
  • How to target real estate agents with laser precision.
  • How I target my customers.

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As always, thanks for listening.

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  • dean May 9, 2013

    Great job on the podcast Big D !
    Finally got a chance to listen to it.
    Very informative with some great ideas
    on targeting the type of client you would like to work for
    and how to possibly connect with them to make the sale.

    Wii be looking forward to more of your podcasts

    Thank you

    • Big D May 9, 2013

      Great! I’m glad you liked it.