6 Types of Handyman Business

The handyman business is surprisingly versatile.

While most outsiders will assume that all handymen are the same, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, in the 4 years I’ve been a professional handyman, I’ve seen a wide array of businesses in this industry and had the opportunity to speak with several handymen who have carved out interesting (and profitable) businesses for themselves.

Each different model has it’s own benefits and disadvantages of course.

Some are more profitable. Some are easier to setup. And, some of them might even surprise you. [Read more…]

Golden contractors in a race to win the job.

Are you tired of customers disappearing after you give them a quote?

You’ve just spent your valuable time to provide a quote and you think you’ve quoted the right price, but they just don’t call you back.


What did the other company do that you didn’t?

It’s impossible to know for sure and there could be a thousand reasons WHY you didn’t land that job. And, many of those reasons are outside of your control.

Maybe the customer is just a tire kicker. Maybe they just need an estimate to submit to insurance. Or, maybe they don’t like you because you look like guy who bullied them back in high school.

You’ll never land every job you quote, but you can significantly increase your chances with the right strategy and mindset.

In this article, I’m going to share 5 simple and effective tips that you can use to start landing more jobs TODAY (without dropping your prices.) [Read more…]

Man on top of mountain.

One of the most powerful insights I’ve gained since starting my first business is that there is an abundance of opportunities.

There’s always a way to get more customers.

There’s always a way to start a business even while you’re working a full time job.

There’s always a way to increase your rates so you can work less and profit more.

In fact, if you ever stop and think about all the opportunities to improve your life or business, it’s pretty amazing. Even overwhelming.

Almost anything you could possibly want to learn is now taught online, and if the information isn’t online, the person who has that information can likely be found online.

With all this knowledge at our fingertips, why is it that most still aren’t achieving their goals? If it’s possible for one handyman to make 6 figures while only working 4 days a week, why aren’t all handymen doing the same? [Read more…]

How to Find the Best Customers

There is a broad spectrum of quality when it comes to customers.

Some just want the cheapest price, don’t respect your time, and don’t care to understand what it takes to run a business. Then there are others who will pay just about anything and be grateful they found you.

I learned early to only deal with the latter (at least as much as possible) as I found that my enjoyment and profits were mostly determined by who I worked for.

But, it wasn’t easy. You can’t just make a decision to suddenly have a consistent flow of great customers. Getting cheap customers by lowering your prices is easy. You must work to find the great ones. It takes time, and more notably, it takes strategic effort.

So, how do you find these so called “quality customers?” That’s exactly what I share in this article. [Read more…]

The Subtle Art of Soliciting Reviews

5 Star online reviews

Since starting my handyman business I’ve made it a habit to pay attention to service providers that I hire. What do I like? What do I hate? What do I love?

Then, I take what I like and apply it to my business.

Outside of reading several books a month, this has proved to be the the best strategy for improving my business. Like what I learned from eating mexican food one day.

Recently, I had an awesome customer experience that gave me some insight into the art of soliciting reviews.

I don’t know about you, but I often find it awkward to ask my customers to do something like leave a review. However, this experience changed that for me and I think it will help you as well.

Here’s what happened.

After spending nearly two weeks struggling with a technical issue while making some upgrades to my online marketing, I finally decided to hire some help. I found a guy online and within a matter of an hour of working with him, my problem was solved. He literally saved me days of fruitless labor.  He also went above and beyond with the service he provided. It was a great experience.

Yet, even after this experience, I wasn’t rushing to give him a review. In fact, it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind if he hadn’t mentioned it. Which, leads to the first obvious rule of getting reviews – you have to ask for them!

But, just asking for a review isn’t always effective. Equally important is HOW you ask, which this guy did very well.

Here’s how it went down. [Read more…]

4 Steps to Licensing Your Business

4 Steps to Licensing Your Handyman Business

Starting a handyman business is an exciting time! But, just like anything else, there are some not so fun tasks required to establish a legitimate, legal business. Obtaining the necessarily licenses is one of them.

This is often frustrating, confusing, and boring. It’s even boring to write about!

But…it’s necessary.

I’m going to attempt to make this process easy for you. Maybe even fun (if that’s possible). At the very least, I’ll save you some time, and maybe even some cash while helping you avoid legal issues down the road.

The process may take a couple of days, but you’ll be glad you did it once your finished. [Read more…]

Handyman Logos Made Easy

Handyman Logos

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, yet everybody does.

We are humans. We can’t help it. It’s deeply rooted in our psychology.

When we see a man laying on the sidewalk with dirty ripped up clothes, long matted hair, and holes in his shoes, we have no doubt he is a bum. When we see a woman dressed in scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck, we assume she’s a Dr.

We are programmed to make snap-judgements of people before getting to know them. And, this doesn’t just apply to people. It also applies to your business. Especially your business.

You aren’t the only handyman service in town, and in an effort to filter through options and determine which handyman to call, your customers will make lightning quick judgements about your business based on how it looks.

What will they see?

If you want to maximize your chances of success, you’re going to want to put a lot of thought into this. Most handymen don’t, which is something you can use to your advantage.

One very simple and effective way to improve your image in the customers eyes is to have a professional logo. [Read more…]

Wood background with Handyman Licenses and Laws

When I was stung by the contractors board, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Here I was going out to quote a small painting job and the next thing I know this guy is handing me a ticket for contracting without a license!

What did I do wrong?

Legally I was allowed to do small painting jobs and I didn’t even quote the job. In fact, I told the guy right away that he’d need a licensed painting contractor because of the job size. Here I am thinking I’m doing the right thing and getting fined anyway!

“Why are you giving me a ticket, I didn’t even quote the job?” I asked. [Read more…]

Handyman Business Names: The Ultimate Guide

Handyman business names with tools in background

Naming your handyman or other service business can be a very difficult and time consuming task.

There are so many factors that you need to consider along with the fact that millions of handyman names are already taken.

However, I assure you that the time and effort are well worth it.  This is not something you want to rush as it’s very difficult to change once you’ve established a customer base and online presence.

Here’s what to expect in this article:

  1. A list of handyman business names to give you some ideas.
  2. IMPORTANT things to consider when choosing the RIGHT handyman business name.
  3. An EASY method for coming up with a GREAT name.

Remember, the right handyman business name won’t make or break your business, but it can have a significant impact on your success attracting the right customers.  Having to overcome a bad business name takes a lot of effort and marketing and you don’t want to go down that road.

Instead, you might as well put some time and effort up front to come up with a great name that you’re proud to put on your work vehicle, business cards, and website.

First, let’s start with some examples… [Read more…]

Multiple ladders signifying business competitors

Are you looking to start a handyman business but are worried there might be too much competition?  If so, you’re not alone.

This is a common concern for anybody getting started in a new business. Nobody wants to jump head first into a market that is already saturated with competitors.

Recently, I received an e-mail from one of my readers stating this very concern.  Here’s what she wrote:

Hello Dan,

I am looking to start handyman or shall I say Handy lady services in my area. I am just feeling stuck in a dead end job and really don’t enjoy it. But my interest are supporting and helping people and I am more hands on fixing things DIY and mechanically minded. I guess I just don’t have the courage to just get and do what I enjoy. Your post etc are encouraging. I feel because there are a few handyman services in my area that there is no market for me. I understand that I have to find a niche for what I can do. Any advice would be super. Have a great day.

Others have asked this same question so I decided to share my thoughts in this article. [Read more…]